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Operation Instructions

Clean the mouth with drinking water 30 minutes before saliva sample collection. Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.


Before collecting saliva, relax your cheeks and gently massage cheeks with fingers for 15-30 seconds to produce saliva. Gently spit saliva into the funnel until the liquid saliva(non-bubble) reaches the height of 2.0ml scale line. Saliva samples collected shall be free of impurities and sputum. Don’t spit all over the vial.


Hold the storage vial in hand and keep it upright, screw the bottom of the bottom of the storage vial into the saliva collection cup and tighten it. The bottom of the storage vial will be punctured automatically and the storage liquid in the vial will flow into the saliva collection vial.


Keep the collecting vial upright, unscrew the funnel, take out the clean saliva collecting vial cap from the packing box, screw and tighten it on the saliva collecting vial.The vial caps have a choking hazard. Keep out of the reach of children.


Turn the collecting vial upside down for 10 times to fully mix saliva and preservation solution.


Take out a bar code from the packing box and stick it on the saliva collecting vial, then put the collecting vial with the bar code and two bar codes into the sample bag for storage, transportation or testing, and the remaining bar code is kept by the user for subsequent information feedback.

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